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Here you can meet the Cast & Crew of Project Ruth! This project would not have been possible had it not been for these wonderful people. 

Thank you all for your help. 

Director/ Editor/

Executive Producer 

Richie Johns 

Musician, photographer, valedictorian, and director are just a few of the many titles that Richie wears. Many call him a dreamer, and he himself agrees. His dream of a full length movie as a modern biblical adaptation is what inspired Ruth. It would be hard to miss all the talent and passion that he wears on his sleeve, and no one can deny the love he has for his Savior.



What would a set be without some excitement? Hannah never fails to bring laughter and silliness to every situation. She's always had a knack for acting, performing in local plays and musicals, as well as writing her own dramatic acts. Her outgoing attitude helps her work well with individuals, and her strong work ethic has allowed for hours of filming.

Hannah Johns 


Carrie has been a faithful servant at Rush for many years, serving as a regular Sunday School teacher and assisting with many of the children's programs. If you ever meet her, there's no doubt you'll be instantly won over by her compassionate heart. She may tell you that she's not much of an actor, but we could've never picked a better person to play this role. She has warmed our hearts and encouraged us beyond measure.

Carrie Rooks


Kyle Henry

If there's a laugh to be had (or someone to laugh with), you can be sure that Kyle is there. Despite Fun being his middle name, he was more than willing to step up and take the serious role of Boaz. You'll certainly notice Kyle's infectious personality shine through the screen. His heart for Christ is always present both on and off the set.


Assistant Producer/

Audio technician

Incapable of taking anything too seriously, he's always looking to make a joke. Sam has helped in several different aspects of filmmaking, including editing, camera operation, audio and microphones, rake retrieval, production, and casting. Despite his joking attitude, he's always willing to help with anything that could be asked of him, in hopes the film will shine a light in many people's lives.

Samuel Brewer

Assistant Producer/

Director of Photography

One of the masterminds that assisted in writing the script. With a smile on his face and a camera in his hand, Gabe always brings creativity and originality to the film, never hesitating to pick up the slack where it's needed. Gabe has been an essential jack-of-all-trades for the project. It would be pointless listing all the ways he has helped. He has been a great support to the entire crew, keeping all our heads above the water when we need it most.

Gabriel Brewer

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